princess genevieve

lundi, décembre 27, 2004

Christmas Revelry

SVP excusez-moi for not writing since last week. But I was on Christmas vacation!

You will never believe what I'm about to write. I had a white Christmas. Yes. In New Orleans. Can you imagine? I can't. All the Christmases we had in Washington, never snow on Christmas. In New Orleans, sure, why not, a white Christmas? That would be lovely. I still can't believe it.

Alas, it was really cold in New Orleans. I was sort of hoping for a warmer trip. It's cold here in Washington. I don't need it to be cold in New Orleans, too.

Anyway, I saw most of my Louisiana relatives, opened presents, watched movies, ate doberge, napped, and all the other things that generally you do over Christmas vacation. Except go to our traditional Christmas day movie. Because it was snowing.

They had to de-ice my plane this morning. Yes. De-ice in New Orleans. I don't think they knew what they were doing, really, because we left an hour late.