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vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

A day late, to be sure, but I was a little occupied with eating and all that yesterday. I hope everyone had a great holiday. That is, if you celebrate American Thanksgiving, I mean.

Ours was good. We're at my sister Leslie's in South Carolina. She did a great job of cooking, including frying a turkey! Which seems a little dangerous, but everyone survived. We had 8 people for dinner, and then 2 more for dessert. Plus 3 dogs jumping around.

My dad and I are leaving tomorrow, to drive back to Washington. Hopefully we'll miss traffic, and it will be good for me to have Sunday to relax before heading back to work on Monday.


At 11/25/2005 3:51 PM, Blogger Amie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you (a day late).

At 11/28/2005 12:39 PM, Anonymous jayne said...

I've always wanted to try a fried turkey...everyone says they're delicious. How was it?

At 11/28/2005 12:42 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

it was quite tasty! I recommend it if you ever have the opportunity!

At 11/29/2005 12:04 PM, Blogger Molly said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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