princess genevieve

mardi, novembre 15, 2005

Office Space

Last night, while I was walking to my meeting, I realized I was walking in the direction of my dad's office. So I called him to see if he wanted to have dinner after the meeting, but he'd already left for home (it was 6:45 at that point.)

It's strange. I work a block away from my dad, but I don't see him at work very often. I see him a lot, but just not at work, unless I'm meeting him to go to his house or something, or if my mom or my sisters are in town. It didn't even occur to me to call him until I realized I was walking towards his office. He eats lunch at the Au Bon Pain in my building often, and I do too, but I have never once run into him there. Well, actually, I don't think I've run into him anywhere, now that I think about it.