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lundi, novembre 14, 2005

Thank you

First off, thanks everyone for your kind and supportive thoughts and comments. I'm back from Austin. The trip went as well as these things do, I suppose. All of my cousins except one were able to make the funeral, so that is good. I did a reading and I was a pallbearer.

I've got a busy week this week, which I think might be helpful. I have a Junior League meeting tonight. I'm going to see a play on Tuesday. My friend Matt from college is coming to stay with me on Wednesday. Thursday my friend Mandy has her first photo show. Friday I have to do a Junior League volunteer thing. Saturday I'm going to see HARRY POTTER.

I don't know when I will sleep, what with all that going on.

And finally, to return to the question asked by Paisley, what now seems like 3 months ago. Paisley asks how I got started reading and writing blogs. Well. One weekend, I was at my friend Dave's house in Charleston, South Carolina. Dave mentioned something about our friend Amy having this webpage where she wrote about her life, and he was complaining that she didn't update it enough. I can't remember if Dave gave me the address or if I asked Amy about it, but I started reading Amy's page. And then Ellen's. And then one cold day in January, I decided I was bored. And I started my own page. I've always enjoyed writing, and I really like the interactive feature of blogs.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Mandy. She was telling me how she started reading her photography teacher's blog, which lead her to one of his friend's blogs. And then she was invited to a party at her teacher's house. And she was so nervous because she felt like she had to pretend she didn't know anything about these people, and their lives, even though since her teacher teaches photography, there were tons of pictures on the blog and she totally recognized nearly everyone there.

I think it would be kind of cool if someone I didn't know and had absolutely zero other connections to met me in person and said they read my blog.

How did you guys get started reading blogs and/or writing them? And what do you think of the Mandy dilemma? Would you have said something to the other party guests?


At 11/14/2005 5:11 PM, Blogger Amie said...

I started reading blogs when I followed a link on a message board that I am a member of. It was to a blog about infertility, and so for the first few months all I read were blogs about infertility. Than my cousin started hers and I followed suit. Lots of my friends and family have started blogs after me so of course I read them now. I usually find the blogs I read from other people's bloglists. Sometimes when I have time I will click the "next blog" button on blogspot and keep clicking till I find an interesting one.

At 11/14/2005 5:13 PM, Blogger Amie said...

Oh yeah, the Mandy dilemma...LOL. Did her teacher tell her about his blog or did she find it somehow? If the teacher told her about it than I would probably mention "oh, I think I saw a picture of you on ___'s blog".

At 11/14/2005 5:17 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

I get to a lot of new blogs through people's lists as well.

re Mandy, yeah, the teacher told her about his blog. But she said one of the girls there was on the blog wearing various bikini pieces, so it seemed a little embarrassing to mention.

At 11/14/2005 8:13 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

re the Mandy dilemma - seems to me to be an ideal icebreaker in a party situation. If he's chosen to tell people about his blog and put his friends up there on show (presumably with their knowledge and/or permission) then it shouldn't be any great secret. Go with Amie's suggestion - a conversation starter.

I stumbled into blogs when surfing to try and find local wool shops and I found Knitting in Public. I think she wrote an entry about the spread of the Clapotis bug through the online community. From there I just kept surfing and once I worked out that starting my own blog was really pretty damn easy, well - I ran out of excuses.


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