princess genevieve

mercredi, mai 03, 2006


Monday, the dispatcher for my work came in to my office, carrying flowers. I looked at him, and I said, "those aren't for me." He said, "They're for Kathy, c/o Genevieve. I looked in the directory and we don't have a Kathy working here, so I'm bringing them to you." I told him I didn't want to keep them, as they weren't for me, but he said since my name was on the card, I was keeping them.

They were really pretty. I kind of DID want to keep them.

But that wouldn't be right! So instead, I sent an email to the whole office, asking if anyone knew Kathy. Turns out, she's a temp working on a case that I'm also working on, so I suppose that's how my name got on her card. But I've never met her.

I delivered the flowers, and she was quite happy to see them. Probably happier to see them than I was sad to let them go, so all's well that ends well.