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vendredi, juin 16, 2006


For the weekend. Tonight, I'm off to see X3 and have dinner with Rachael. and tomorrow, Molly will be here! She's coming to visit her friend for the weekend but she's going to have dinner with ME tomorrow. Hooray! I sometimes forget I've never actually *met* Molly in person, 'cause I feel like I have. I'm taking her to one of my favorite places where I already have decided to start off the evening with a kir (royale or not? that is the dilemma...) and I will for sure eat mussels but which kind? Ah, the delightful dilemmas of what to eat.

My friend Katherine once said to me, "I thought I was weird. I dream about what I'm going to eat for dinner at breakfast. But then I just realized I'm not weird, I'm from New Orleans, where your dinner companion of the day will ask what you ate for dinner last night and what you're going to eat tomorrow."


At 6/16/2006 2:35 PM, Blogger Molly said...

I can't wait for dinner tomorrow night, YUM! I have been contemplating what I shall eat but I haven't reached a decision yet!

At 6/17/2006 7:13 PM, Anonymous jayne said...

Bistrot du Coin...definitely one of my favourite places too (thanks for introducing me to the place!). I always have to get the steak bad for me, but so delicious!

At 6/19/2006 11:38 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Royale anything sounds like a winner to me. Try and tell me you didn't go for it. Just try.


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