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jeudi, juin 08, 2006

Adventures on the Bus, #43

This morning, there was a little bit of passive-aggressiveness going on. One woman was talking on her cell phone. Umbrella Woman, sitting across the aisle from Cell Phone Woman, says, "I didn't know I was going to have to start my day by listening to someone talk on the phone on the bus. That's unbelievable!" Woman Sitting Next to Me says, "I AGREE!" Cell Phone Woman then says into her phone "Dad, I have to go. Apparently people on the bus don't like me talking on the phone." She hangs up, and says, "Sorry, I didn't realize me talking on the phone was so offensive." Umbrella Woman replies, "It is!" Woman Sitting Next to Me says, "There have been studies done. People talk louder on cell phones than they talk regularly."

I don't really enjoy listening to other people's phone conversations, either, but I would never say anything about it. It's a bus. It's not the library. And if I were to say something about it, I would directly ask the girl to stop her conversation, not make snide comments about it.


At 6/09/2006 11:09 AM, Blogger Molly said...

I'm surprised that cell phone girl got off the cell phone pretty quickly. If someone had been being passive aggressive to me (instead of politely asking me to get off the phone) I would have probably kept talking just to make them angry.

At 6/09/2006 1:14 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

I agree, Molly. But I think she wanted to actually confront them back, which she did, so I must give her credit for that.

At 6/12/2006 9:45 AM, Blogger Amie said...

I tried to comment on this awhile ago, but blogger was having comment issues.

A problem with somebody talking on their cell phone on the bus?? Must be cell envy.


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