princess genevieve

mercredi, mai 31, 2006

Mercy & Laura's Wedding

OK, so I haven't really told you guys about the wedding, other than the whole college-photo issue. First things first, click here if you want to see more photos.

As I said before, Mercy is my friend from college. She started college at 16, and now she's 29, so I've known her for a while. She wasn't dating girls when we were in college. In fact, Laura was her first girlfriend.

I found out about Laura a couple years ago, when Mercy told me she had a crush on a co-worker. She sort of casually dropped in "but she has a girlfriend." I caught the "she" but waited until she said it again before saying "I didn't know you liked girls." She said, "I didn't either, but I like Laura." OK, fair enough. She told me that she thought about what she would want in a future spouse, and realized she wanted someone to spend time with her and someone to be a co-parent with her and someone to love her. She decided that person didn't have to be a man.

Mercy is the first person I've known to come out after I've met her. (and known her for over 10 years.) I've known plenty of gay people. But they were always out before I'd met them. The whole process seemed fairly angst-free for her. But maybe that's because she didn't tell me everything. Or maybe it really was angst-free. I don't know. She was a little worried about telling her parents, but that went alright. Like all parents, they just want her to be happy.

And happy she is.