princess genevieve

mercredi, juin 14, 2006

Some Things

Look what I saw yesterday. A tour of Washington by segway. How weird is that. There were about 10 people in the tour.

Thanks for your voting in my movie dilemma yesterday. The ayes had it, so I went to the movie. My friend Rebeccah's husband Oron was there too so I sat with him and then he drove me home, which was very nice. The movie (Heart of the Game, as Katie guessed) was pretty good. I liked the story and the audience really got in to it, clapping and cheering at crucial moments in the film.

Also? I keep hearing a commercial for Capital College during the Daily Show. (Yeah, hearing, not seeing, as I am always brushing my teeth when this commercial comes on) Anyway, the commercial is an ad for the college, which claims they specialize in training aeronautical engineers. Maybe they do. But if you wanted to be an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer don't you think you would chose a school that doesn't need to advertise on tv?