princess genevieve

mercredi, octobre 27, 2004

High Heel Race

Last night was the annual High Heel Race. It's a drag queen race. Quite hilarious. I got there early with Mandy and her friend Nicole, and we sat on the curb, watching drag queens go by until the race started. I can't decide who my favorite was. I really liked this group of about 6 guys who were dressed like flight attendants, with matching purple uniforms and even matching luggage. And I also really liked Princess Diana. She had 3 "Secret Service" guys with her. Some of the drag queens looked like they really were drag queens, and some were just guys in skirts, who didn't even bother to shave or put on a wig or a bra.

PS it is now too cold to be wearing skirts with bare legs and sandals. Also, gum should not be chewed in public, but if you must, please keep your mouth closed and smacking to a minimum. Thank you.