princess genevieve

lundi, octobre 11, 2004

It's COLD!

It's definitely fall. Saturday was pretty warm; I was wearing shorts (with long sleeves, but still, shorts.) Last night when I was waiting for the bus I was freezing. It was really, really windy. Today I went out for lunch, and it was windy again, and even with a jacket on, I was cold. Then I walked past Harry's and they had their portable outdoor heaters set up on the patio. (I kind of love those things.)

We had a really mild summer, I must say. Sure, it was hot some days, but never really as hot as it can be, and certainly not for as long. I've read that this is supposed to be a cold winter. I thought last winter was really cold. And the winter before that was really snowy. So hopefully I will be moved before winter strikes. I'm not so crazy about really cold, all the time.