princess genevieve

vendredi, septembre 24, 2004

Krispy Kremes & Mini Coopers

I was on the bus this morning, headed in to work. Some people have no bus etiquette. I mean, if you're sitting right next to me, and I am not on the aisle, but tons of seats open up, don't stay next to me. I do not like touching strangers. And some people take up more space than they think they do.

Anyway, not really the point of this morning's bus story. We're driving down Connecticut Avenue, and just after Dupont Circle, there's a new Krispy Kreme store. It's been open about a month (I have not been in). It's where Benetton used to be. They moved to a bigger store, because, you know, it's 1989 and everyone needs a Benetton sweater. I don't know anyone who shops there, but whatever, also not the point of the story.

The point is this: There was a Mini on the sidewalk filled with Krispy Kremes (in boxes), and if you guessed how many were in there, you won... something! They didn't make it clear if you were guessing for the car or something else. I would hope if it was a Mini, it wouldn't be that one, because a. it might be all sticky from doughnuts, and b. it had ZIPCAR painted on 3 sides. Maybe you won free doughnuts, or a free month at Zipcar.

I want a Mini. That, I think, is really the point of the story.