princess genevieve

mardi, octobre 12, 2004

Vote for Change

Last night I went to the Vote for Change concert at the MCI Center. Because I live in Washington, I got to go to the final concert, and I think we had more artists than any other concert, sort of in grand finale style. The concert was great. We saw John Mellencamp (no Cougar! I had no idea), Babyface, Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne, Jurassic 5, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, James Taylor, the Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews Band, and Bruce Springsteen. I didn't know who Jurassic 5 was before, and it turns out they're a rap group.

One of the coolest parts of the show was that lots of people did things together. So Eddie Vedder came out and sang with R.E.M. Then Bruce did. Tim Robbins sang with Pearl Jam. The Dixie Chicks did a lot of James Taylor songs with JT, then JT did a Dixie Chicks song with them. Michael Stipe sang with Bruce. Then everyone came out at the end and did two songs together.

The concert was sponsored by MoveOn, a Democratic group. Bruce Springsteen said the most, talking about what needs to be changed and how on November 2, we can make that happen. Natalie of the Dixie Chicks said she wasn't going to apologize for what she said about Bush. Michael Stipe ran around pointing at his Kerry t-shirt in, well, Michael Stipe style.

Our seats, however, were not great. We bought the cheapest tickets available, and they were on the 4th balcony. I was nervous being up so high, and Dana said it was giving her vertigo. I also didn't like how you could feel the floor shaking a little when everyone was up for Bruce. And oh, as it turns out, I'm not really a Springsteen fan, but it was still cool to see him live. Lots of people there seemed to be there just for Bruce, and they kept saying his name over and over in a tone that seems like that's what you do for Bruce Springsteen. But to me it kind of sounded like they were saying boo.

I'm really tired today, since I didn't get home until around 1:15 am. But it was so worth it.