princess genevieve

lundi, janvier 24, 2005

Adventures on the bus, #984

This morning, as I approached the bus stop, I could see my bus was there. Not actually at the stop, mind you, but at the corner. And I saw the bus driver open the door and let 2 people on. So I hurried up and made it there before the light changed. The driver wasn't looking, so I knocked on the door. He opened it, and while I was paying, he started giving me a lecture about how he's not supposed to open the door except at stops and how he shouldn't have done it for me. um, OK, what about the other 2? Did they get a lecture, too? I don't know. I can totally understand not wanting to break the rules, but then, don't break them. Don't open the door for me or anyone else, and make me wait at the stop for the next bus. Just don't lecture me for something that wasn't my decision. Sure, it was my decision to knock on the door. I don't think it's unsafe to board the bus there. It wasn't my decision to open the door. I wanted to ask him about the other 2 who got on before me, but I also didn't want to get thrown off the bus, so I just didn't say anything and walked towards the back to sit.

The problem is, for me, if I miss my bus, I sometimes have to wait like 20 minutes for the next one. I need a bus that goes all the way to the end of the line, and half of them don't do that. So I really didn't want to wait. and also, it was cold.