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mardi, février 08, 2005

I *heart* Edinburgh

Yes, this travel update is taking me a long time. Yes, I apologize.

Ok, so day three of the trip, we awake in Edinburgh, in the only hostel of the trip. Robin, who was on the bunk bed above me, said her bed was too lumpy to sleep. My pillow was too lumpy. And there was all kinds of drunken racket going on outside, all night. So, we awake in Edinburgh not very refreshed, but no matter. Touring must continue!

We started the day off at the Edinburgh Castle. Way cooler than the Belfast Castle. It was actually a real castle. There were wars there. Kings were born there. They have the crown jewels of Scotland there. and a guy dressed up like King Robert the Bruce giving ancient weapons demos. Fun!

Post-castle, we found lunch, and were accosted by a monk seeking money in exchange for CDs, even after I told him we weren't buying anything. Maybe if he had been wearing a monk's outfit, not Nikes. Walked down the Royal Mile, which is an odd combination of horribly tacky tourist shops and stores with really cute clothes and some rain boots I totally covet. Except they were 25 pounds. Too rich for my blood.

At the end of the Royal Mile is a palace. We toured that, too. It's a palace where the Queen of England spends summers. And, I'm assuming, Prince William takes some long weekends away from St. Andrew's. I kept my eyes open, but I did not see Wills. (but as we all know, I am really bad at recognizing famous people on the street.)

Around 5, we ended up in an old man's bar. Which was fun... the bartender was a woman, and she seemed glad for more females in there. There was also a guy in a kilt! (he wasn't old.) It was one of my Scotland goals to see a guy in a kilt just going about his everyday business, not being a tour guide or something, so yay.

Then progressed to a younger bar, where I inserted myself into a conversation between two women about Desperate Housewives. I accidentally told them some stuff they didn't know was going to happen. They were super nice, and gave us some pointers for Dublin.

Left that night on the last flight to Dublin.

Again, want to see pictures? Let me know. I think I've taken care of everyone who has asked so far.


At 2/08/2005 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Thanks for the pictures you sent me earlier. I tried to email you back but it bounced back for some reason. I also have been a bit lost due to the fact that my computer died yesterday so i have been without my address book. I'm anxious to hear about Dublin!


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