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mardi, octobre 04, 2005

Roaches, Part II

The health inspector I called regarding the roach issue from a week or so ago just called me back. He said he went to check out the place, and that it was "crawling with roaches." He said he got very angry with the place because they did not seem concerned about it at all. They did get a new contract for extermination, but the inspector told me he "won't, no can't, recommend anyone eat there." I told him not to worry, we would not be returning.

While I'm feeling a little queasy that there were more roaches there than we actually saw, I'm doubly glad I called the Health Department, and I appreciate the inspector following up with me.


At 10/04/2005 5:06 PM, Anonymous jayne said...

Where there are 2-3 roaches, there are definitely many, many more. Ewwww...I'm never eating there again...

At 10/05/2005 9:56 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

yes, and please tell everyone you know not to eat there!


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