princess genevieve

mercredi, septembre 28, 2005

DMV Nightmare

OK, my whole driving life, people have been complaining about the DMV (or, in Maryland, where I got my first driver's license, the MVA). I always pshawed them... Oh, it's fine, you may have to wait, but they're OK in there. They are so not OK. Is there room for me on the I hate the DMV bandwagon? Scooch over.

Yesterday, I had to go to the DMV to renew my car's registration. This was totally my fault, I readily admit. I misread my initial bill, and I thought I could do it by mail as long as I left 10 days before it expired. But when I got it out to pay it, 11 days before expiration, it said 15 days in advance. Oops. I tried to go on Saturday, but I couldn't find a place to park. Ironic, no? I realize our DMV is in the middle of a big section of office buildings, but you would think they could have a parking garage or something. Nope. They suggest you take Metro.

So yesterday, I got up early, and took Metro to the DMV. I got there about a half hour after they opened, and I was given the number A037, with an approximate wait time of 19 minutes. Not bad. So I sat down, and read my book and watched Soledad O'Brien in New Orleans. Next thing I know, an hour has passed. I've been listening to the numbers they call, and also watching the board where they light up. I see A036, and I'm happy, I'm next! But then the next "A" number they call is A042. ummm, OK, maybe that guy is doing something different than me. I expected A037 to be next, still. Nope. A043.

So I got up and asked someone if it was possible they skipped my number. She said sure, and looked it up on the computer. She then turns to me, and says, "we called your number. You missed it." Um, what? I don't even see how it's possible I missed from A036-A042, especially when I thought I'd be next and basically didn't take my eyes off the board from A036 onwards. I did not miss the number. She told me I'd have to go to the end of the line and start over. I just about lost it. I got really upset, saying "I've been here for over an hour and YOU skip me, so I have to start over? No way." So she sent me to the supervisor's door, where I waited for someone to come out of the magical locked door.

Finally someone did, and she stuck me in a different line. I paid my registration, got the sticker, and left within 3 minutes of getting into that line.

I'm so doing it by mail next year.