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mardi, mars 04, 2008

I went to Denmark this weekend.

And it poured down rain and was really really windy. I still made the trek out to see the Little Mermaid statue. With my umbrella being turned inside out. But I survived. Overall I liked Copenhagen a lot, and I would love to go back when the weather is better and I am less tired from various weekend jaunts all over Northern Europe.

I was thwarted once again in my attempts to learn about the Vikings, though. I went to the Danish National History Museum, as I was promised an entire floor about Viking history. I got there, and discovered that whole floor was closed for renovations. I'm beginning to sense a conspiracy...

On the flight there, I watched Across the Universe as the winner of the poll. Now, overall I liked it, but I don't know that I would say it was an actual movie per say. More of a 2 hour long music video dedicated to other people singing various Beatles songs. Not much of a story. If that's not your bag, then I don't recommend this movie.

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At 3/04/2008 6:27 AM, Blogger trashalou said...

Have you been retained by the European Tourism Council? Where are you off to next and do you have room in your case for a wee delicate soul to travel?

Failing actual physical accompaniment (sp?) please keep teling us about it. I am virtually touristing through you!

At 3/04/2008 7:07 AM, Blogger alt.ayu said...

wow it's my dream to meet the little mermaid's statue since I was a little kid! I've a small replica of it (from my Aunt who went to Denmark years and years ago) I think it's a beautiful piece of sculpture!

At 3/04/2008 7:24 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

trashalou, what an excellent idea! I shall write to the EU Tourism Council post haste and offer my services. (I would be happy to accept in kind payment in the form of hotels and meals in exchange for my promotional services!)

Next I am off to... HOME! it's been a month and I am quite looking forward to my apartment and my friends and Washington, to be honest.

Ayu, I hope you make it to see the statue someday! There is also a modern version but due to the inclement weather I didn't make it there.

At 3/04/2008 2:07 PM, Blogger Amie said...

Wow! That is a cool statue.

At 3/06/2008 1:02 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

i've only been to the airport and that was 5 years ago but still talk about how lovely it was - especially compared to newark.

At 3/06/2008 10:12 AM, Blogger Working Mom Knits said...

Okay - I'd assumed you had laundry issues while traveling throughout the world - but in your own home? (Great solution though!) Feel free to make a side trip to Silver Spring anytime you'd like to tumble/line-dry. And we won't accept any quarters!

At 3/06/2008 10:14 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

thanks for the offer, wmk! I just may take you up on it :-)

At 3/06/2008 10:22 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

oh, and Sarah, yes, prior to this I'd only been to the airport myself. It is quite lovely, very Ikea feeling and it feels really clean. And has hardwood floors!


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