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vendredi, mai 09, 2008

Sarah wrote my post today.

It's cold and rainy here in Washington today, which is draining me of all creativity.

So instead, may I direct you to Sarah's blog? She wrote about me today.

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At 5/12/2008 12:22 AM, Blogger Addie's Mama said...

. . .got a compliment on Addie's socks yesterday! She wore them to an indoor kids playspace which is socks-only so she got to show them off in-style!

At 5/12/2008 6:59 AM, Blogger Brena said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

At 5/12/2008 10:39 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Sarah I'm glad Addie's socks were a hit!

And Nicole, thank you!!


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