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jeudi, août 07, 2008

Bad Blogger

Wow, have I been slacking on the blogging lately or what? This summer has just been super busy, both at work and at home, for some reason. And I'm actually home this summer, unlike last summer, when I was living in Belgium.

Anyway, last night I left the office, and I ran into my friend Eric. Actually, he saw me, and was waving to me from across the street, but it wasn't until he yelled out "Genevieve!" that I noticed him. Caught in my own world, I guess. Eric has moved from Washington to, well, this summer he was touring with John Mayer, registering voters, and he's moving to Thailand in three weeks. So I definitely wasn't expecting to see him in Washington!

I've also been doing a bit of home improvement works. Expect photos soon, as soon as I remember to take them in the daylight.

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At 8/07/2008 2:42 PM, Blogger Amie said...

Wow was that last summer already that you were in Belgium??

At 8/07/2008 2:44 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

yep, last summer! (although it did just end in March, so that wasn't so long ago...)


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