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mercredi, juillet 09, 2008

Not a good start to a day

This morning I decided I wanted a Coke, so I stopped to get one. The fountain sprayed Coke all over me! It was too much to get off with the Tide pen, so I decided I could either go to Macy's and buy new clothes, or take a taxi home and change. I thought Macy's would be quicker, so I'm now wearing a new white shirt and a new red skirt.

I like the new clothes, but it's not exactly how I (or my bank account) planned to start my Wednesday.

Maybe someone is telling me not to drink Coke in the mornings.

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At 7/09/2008 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

I start my days with a Coke, too. Gotta do the drive-thru, though. Carseats are not conducive to "popping in" anywhere to do my own fountain. I think more than telling you not to drink Coke, it was telling you that new clothes are always fun. :)

At 7/10/2008 3:42 PM, Blogger trashalou said...

Well, that's one way of justifying new clothes!


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