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vendredi, octobre 17, 2008

I Hate Motorcades

Especially ones that make me late. After working until 10 last night, I was doing quite well and was on schedule to be a half hour earlier than my normal arrival time. (I've been swamped with work and pro bono commitments this week!) However, right when we were about to turn onto H Street and go past Lafayette Square (the square in front of the White House, in case you are not familiar with Washington geography) the bus came to a standstill.

Traffic! And police cars blocking the entrance to the street. I got off the bus, and decided just to walk, since it's not THAT far to the office from there. But when I got the entrance to the square, the cop wouldn't let me in. He told me to go north. I said I needed to go south. He said, "too bad!"

I ended up getting on the metro at Farragut West, and only being 15 minutes later than I anticipated. Had I known, I could have done that from the beginning. It's ridiculous not to let people WALK THROUGH A PARK. Seriously.

And I'm off to New York this weekend! I'm taking the bus, which allegedly has wifi on board. No movie poll because if the wifi rumors are true, I'll be doing work online, and if they are not, I'll be writing a petition, which I need to save to my laptop hard drive before I go.

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At 10/17/2008 3:18 PM, Blogger trashalou said...

Please don't do work while you are in NY. Relax and have a break.


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