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mardi, octobre 14, 2008


Today is my mom's birthday. My sisters and I flew to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate with her. She was so surprised! My dad is not great at keeping secrets but he did a good job on this one. My mom said it was the first time ever he has managed to surprise her!

And, my sister Amanda got engaged yesterday! She is very happy so it's great news.

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At 10/15/2008 3:11 AM, Blogger trashalou said...

Congratulations to your sister and happy birthay to your Mum.

At 10/15/2008 9:53 PM, Blogger Molly said...

Hooray for surprises! A pulled off surprise is always the best thing ever!

Has Amanda set a wedding date yet?

At 10/16/2008 12:49 PM, Blogger alt.ayu said...

Happy Birthday to your mum and congrats to your sister!


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