princess genevieve

lundi, juillet 05, 2004

Happy 4th of July, Post-everything

Happy 4th of July to me. It poured yesterday. I mean, monsooning on and off for most of the morning/afternoon. And my bedroom ceiling, the one that I've been calling about since MARCH and asking them to repair the water damage, started to leak. Not just a gentle drip-drip, either. A steady downpour. I put a towel down and a pot under the leak and I moved my bed and put cut up plastic bags around the dust ruffle. (it looks lovely, by the way.) I called the emergency number. The guy showed up, and said there's nothing he can do because the roof needs to be fixed. Yep. Which is why I've been calling about this since MARCH. He said he'd tell her it's an emergency on Tuesday and I should call also. Which I will, for about the 30th time. Have I mentioned I've been calling about this since March?

Anyway, by evening it had stopped raining, and there were fireworks. I was over at my dad's last night and we were watching a movie, so we didn't go see any, but once I got home, I could see some from my bedroom window. I have no idea if they were official fireworks or people shooting them off themselves, but either way, they were pretty. I turned off the lights and laid across my bed and just watched them.