princess genevieve

jeudi, février 10, 2005

Dublin Rocks

Even more so than Cleveland, I would imagine.

Once we landed in Dublin, Mandy realized she had lost her purse. Luckily, not her passport, but we were stuck at the airport for a little while so she could try to sort things out. She didn't have any luck, though.

The next day, Saturday, we awoke late, and Rob and I had a lazy breakfast while Mandy tried to locate the lost purse and then cancel her credit cards. Then we headed over to the Book of Kells at Trinity. The Book of Kells is this beautifully decorated version of the gospels, done by some monks a long time ago, on vellum. It's amazing.

After that, we strolled through St Stephen's Green, on our way to one of the National Museums of Ireland, where we saw more Irish history and archeology. They had a really interesting display on Ireland during the Middle Ages.

Mandy left us to go pick up some money her brother had wired her, and since we hadn't had lunch and it was almost 4:00, Robin and I headed to Temple Bar to find a pub. Despite the name, Temple Bar is an area, not an actual bar. We ended up in this pub where we had fish & chips & beer, and a view of the street below, which was fun to watch.

I popped in to a pharmacy, where the world's nicest pharmacist helped me with my weird rubbed the skin off my toes problem. I learned you shouldn't use band aids (aka plasters) on that kind of thing, and I got this cream which seemed to clear it up in a day or so. And some cushy inserts for my shoes.

Once we had reunited with Mandy, we took her back to our pub. This time we sat at the bar, and after a while, we started talking to these English guys who were over for the weekend. They were super nice, and asked us a zillion questions, like, "Who would be the most famous British person any American would recognize? I bet you're going to say David Beckham." um, well, no, I said Prince William or Prince Charles or Hugh Grant.

We tried to stay out until they started playing music, but got sleepy, and decided to save that for the next night.