princess genevieve

mercredi, mai 10, 2006


I'm pretty sure everyone has friends in their life like my friend. Someone who counts on you more than you count on them. I've got a friend who calls me fairly frequently, yet she hardly knows anything about my life, simply because she doesn't ask. Today she called me about a problem in her life that was actually fairly trivial, in my opinion. She didn't even ask "how are you?" at the start of the conversation.

Most of the time, this doesn't bother me, because, well, I don't really count on her to be a friend to me. I don't mind being her sounding board and listening to her problems, usually. But sometimes, it really bothers me!

I know I could just speak up. Say something like, "hey, did I tell you this happened?" But I don't really want to. I guess because I don't really think of her so much as *my* sounding board. I know she needs me to be her friend right now a lot more than I need her to be mine. And that's OK. I think when I get frustrated about what I feel are trivialities, I need to remind myself that it's important to her. And that she doesn't know that I feel this way. And that I don't want her to know that I feel this way.

And I also know that if I did ever need her, she would help me in any way that she could. Which is really the definition of friend, I think.