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mardi, juin 27, 2006

Dear Princess, #1

In a new feature, I'll now be addressing some of the more interesting dilemmas that have lead people to my site.

Today's dilemma comes to us from India. Someone landed here by googling "I want to go to Mexico I have Ethiopian passport." Alas, I'm quite sure they didn't find the answer they were seeking, but I do have a suggestion. Call the Mexican embassy or consulate in the city where you are in India! They should know what kind of visa you need and where to get it.

Anyone else have suggestions for our Ethiopian friend?

In other news, it's raining. I'm expecting Noah and his ark to pull up in front of my house any day now, and request all animals line up two by two. The people, well, seems like we're on our own.

And click here to see what Katie sent me and what I made this weekend.


At 6/27/2006 2:28 PM, Anonymous jayne said...

Haha. I also had the thought about the ark, but mostly because when I used to go to the mountains in WV, we pass this random church that is actually building an ark (no joke!) by the side of the road. Only the frame is in place, but it's about 2 stories tall. It has a big sign next to it, which is how you know what it is. I have to say though, in the year I went to WV regularly, they didn't make much progress with it, so they'd better hurry up!

At 6/28/2006 1:25 AM, Blogger Paisley said...

Dear Princess,

I have a question! How did you find out that the Ethiopian had found your site by googling his particular question?

ps - the word verification is theidz - the egos can't be far away!

At 6/28/2006 10:33 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Jayne, that's really funny. Are they going to have services in there or something? How odd.

At 6/28/2006 10:35 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Dear Paisley,

Go here -

It's a very cool site. You register your site, and then you can see who has visited you! It lists the countries where people come from, and also gives you the google (or yahoo, or whatever) terms people have used to land on your page.

Princess G.


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