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lundi, octobre 01, 2007

Comedy of Errors

Saturday, I went to the wedding of one of my Brussels colleagues. Jan and Erin were going also, and they rented a car and offered me a ride. They were supposed to pick me up at 11.

At 10 after 11, Erin called. She said the car rental place didn't have the car, even though she had paid in advance. Jan was still there, trying to sort it out.Finally, at 11:45, they came and got me. Jan was less mad than I thought he would be... I mean, he had spent nearly three hours trying to get a car. We weren't sure what to do - if we were late for the ceremony, we weren't going to sneak in the back.

Jan did some speedy German driving, and despite a slight detour at the wrong church, we made it just as they were closing the front doors. We missed the processional, but still managed to sneak in the back relatively unnoticed. (except maybe by the overzealous videographer)

After the ceremony, which was hopefully lovely and legal and all, but in Dutch so I can't be sure, we had a couple hours to kill before the reception. Jan missed breakfast due to the rental car issues, and Erin and I both had only eaten bread. So we set off to find lunch.

You know when you're not looking for McDonald's, there's a zillion of them? Apparently the reverse is true as well - we couldn't find one! We finally found an open friterie, which was great. We ate fries and mayonnaise and fried cheese and Jan had some kind of fried sausage and if we all three drop dead in the next week you'll know why.

The reception was nice, as well. Erin and I introduced the mimosa to the Belgians! I think it's going to be the next big party hit.

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At 10/01/2007 11:51 AM, Blogger Molly said...

Mmm mimosas are delectable! It was quite nice of you to introduce them to the Belgians, they may have great chocolates but they have been missing out!

At 10/06/2007 10:13 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

reminds me of the seinfeld episode where he reserves a car and they don't have one for him. but i reserved it!


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