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mercredi, septembre 26, 2007

J'ai mal a la gorge

I have a sore throat. And I don't have time to be sick. So I went to the pharmacy this morning and told the pharmacist that I have a sore throat. She sold me some lozenges (is that the right word, I honestly can't remember? The things you suck on when you have a sore throat). She warned me not to take more than six a day.

Six a day. I could not even get through one, the taste was so terrible. I got halfway through and had to spit it into a kleenex.

But it did help. Grrrrrrr.

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At 9/26/2007 10:05 AM, Blogger Molly said...

Maybe if you get a stuffy nose to go with your sore throat you won't be able to taste the awful lozenges :-) I hate when things that are supposed to make you feel better taste so awful you can't bear to take them!

Hope you get feeling better soon!

At 9/26/2007 1:29 PM, Blogger Malady said...

Sorry you are under the weather. I know those lozenges taste terrible! Maybe you should have some nice hot tea with lemon instead!

At 9/26/2007 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

lots of water - drink lost of water- the best way to stave off a cold/ flu / bug- I have managed not to get sick all winter by doing this everytime I have had an tickle or dribble. That, an early night and lots of knitting.....

At 9/26/2007 11:34 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

Were they the red coloured lozenges? They taste foul. The citrus flavoured ones aren't too bad if you can get them there.
Otherwise (or as well as), try hot water with honey and fresh lemon juice. Garlic (tablets or fresh) is also really good for sore throats (a natural antiseptic - kills the germs).
Feel better soon!

At 9/27/2007 9:59 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

when i had tonsillitis a few weeks i had to bust out a secret stash of vicodin pills.

At 9/28/2007 3:35 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Thanks, girls! Paisley, no they weren't the red ones (I absolutely refuse to put those anywhere near my mouth) but they weren't citrus flavored either.

Sarah, alas, I have no vicodin :-)


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