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mercredi, décembre 10, 2008


The second day I was with Miss Paisley, we went into Melbourne. She asked me what I wanted to see. After quickly flipping though my guidebook, I announced I wanted to see the jail. So, off we went to visit the Melbourne gaol. (an aside: Paisley is the best hostess ever, totally indulging my demands to see weird things like "little penguins" and "jail.")

The Melbourne gaol (pictured above) was the hanging spot for Ned Kelly, famed bushranger, which I learned is like a stagecoach robber in the Old West. It actually was a very interesting tour, and I recommend it. If you are brave enough (I wasn't!) they will even arrest you and treat you as a real prisoner. I decided I'd rather eat pizza for lunch than jail food, thank you very much.

We also visited the Victoria State Library, and toured an art museum before I had to go back to Brisbane.


At 12/10/2008 5:59 PM, Blogger Amie said... should of been jailed!

Oh well, I wouldn't of either.

At 12/11/2008 5:43 AM, Blogger trashalou said...

It's a spooky place.

At 12/11/2008 8:17 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Little penguins! I like your tourist style!

At 12/12/2008 1:56 AM, Blogger Paisley said...

Your demands were not weird at all!

The little penguins were a treat for me too - I'd never seen them before.

At 12/16/2008 3:19 AM, Blogger Reuss said...

I went to that jail! Fun :)

Thanks for the postcard! xx


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