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jeudi, novembre 04, 2004

East Coast Travels part 2: the Philadelphia Story

Monday, Mandy & I got to Philly a little after noon. We somehow managed to miss the bus we meant to take, so we left New York a lot later than we initially planned. When we got to the Kerry volunteer headquarters, they had us go out and do visibility work, which means we were standing on a street corner in downtown Philly holding Kerry signs and getting cars to honk. It was really fun. We got a lot of support. There were several news channels out, filming us, so if you live in Salt Lake City or Philadelphia you may have seen me on tv.

We spent Monday night with some really nice people who offered to let volunteers stay at their house. They lived about 5 blocks from the volunteer headquarters. I was sick (I have a cold) and they just about cleaned out their medicine cabinet trying to get me better, and then offered to let me stay there all day Tuesday if I didn't feel like going out.

I did go out on Tuesday, though, and we did some canvassing in South Philly. We were basically just reminding people to vote, going door to door. Only 2 people told me they weren't going to vote at all, which I thought was great.

Philadelphia in general was really inspiring. I felt like lots of people were planning to vote for Kerry, and were appreciative of the work Mandy & I were doing. It's unfortunate that Kerry lost, but I don't feel like we did the work for nothing.


At 11/05/2004 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

HEY! PG! I tried to write back to your comment on my blog, and it got sent back to me. This is the 2nd time it has happened. Please send me your e-mail address. Okay! OKAY!


At 11/05/2004 10:13 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Sorry Alex! I emailed it to you.


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