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mardi, novembre 16, 2004

My Darling Clementines

Picture me, last night, entering Safeway, the dreaded, dreaded Adams Morgan Safeway. Looking for something for dinner. And then, around the corner, I see them. The first clementines of the season! I love clementines. To me, they are the perfect fruit. Easy to peel, seedless, delicious. I don't even care that you have to buy them in 5 pound boxes. (what is up with that, by the way?) I couldn't find a price listed anywhere near them, but I didn't care. I probably would have paid $10 for that box of clementines.

And then, I got in the "express" line, which took about 30 minutes, since the line was snaking around and down the cleaning products aisle. Plenty of people gave up when they saw the long line, and put back their chicken breasts or cat litter or whatever, but not me. I didn't mind, even though I was starving, because I knew I'd get my clementines.

Everyone should have something like this. Something that's not available all year round, but when it is, it makes you so happy.


At 11/16/2004 6:44 PM, Blogger Malady said...

I don't know anything about clementines. What are they like? I love finding fresh okra. It's hard to find here.

At 11/17/2004 3:25 AM, Blogger Katia said...

Oooh, I know what you mean. I'm like that with nectarines. I can eat about 10 in one day, one after the other. I love those seasons which feature ones favourite fruit.

At 11/17/2004 10:22 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Clementines are a citrus fruit, like an orange but smaller and sweeter. The skin peels off super easily (I think it's called zipper skin?) and they are seedless. If you can find them (they are a Christmas time fruit) I really recommend you try them. Yum!


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