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mercredi, mai 23, 2007


I went to Constance's baptism this weekend, in France. Thanks to Thibaut for the photos!

Constance in her christening gown. Peggy (her mom) made it herself with some silk from her wedding veil.
Constance and her parents, Peggy and Frederic, at the church in Amiens.

After the ceremony, we went to lunch in a restaurant, but I had to leave to catch a train back to Brussels in the beginning of the main course. So sad to miss the warm goat cheese in puff pastry course!

Molly also asked to see a photo of my gift - that's on my camera, but I'll post it when I get back home.

In other news, I'm going home tomorrow. I can't believe I've been here nearly a month!

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At 5/23/2007 9:39 AM, Blogger Working Mom Knits said...

Okay, now wait a minute...that lovely Christening gown was made from "some silk from her wedding veil"?! Do you happen to have access to any of the wedding photos? THe dress/veil must have been AMAZING!

ps: Welcome back (a bit early)

At 5/23/2007 9:43 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

I don't think I do, in fact. I had to miss their wedding because it was the weekend right after the bar exam, and I couldn't afford to get to France at that time, sadly!

At 5/23/2007 10:20 AM, Blogger Molly said...

Constance is absolutely adorable with her big eyes. Peggy did a great job with the dress, it turned out beautifully, very impressive that she made it herself.

I will eagerly be awaiting photos of the cup!

At 5/23/2007 10:33 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

What a gorgeous little dress.
Wow - May has gone really quickly - it's because we're getting older - were starting to lose our synapses!


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