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lundi, juin 18, 2007

Champions of Awesome

For my birthday, my friend Robin took me to Medieval Times. We went on Saturday. Neither of us had ever been before, and it was so, so awesome. Even though we had to drive to nearly Annapolis to see it.

They feed you, and they've got a live show. Highlights of the live show include, but are not limited to, a falcon flying around over everyone's heads, jousting, knights throwing themselves off moving horses, sparks that shoot off the swords when they fight, evil monks, a lovely princess, and cheering for a bat mitzvah party.

My dad was surprised when I reported there were actual live horses in the show. Yes! And quite a few, too.

The food was not bad, although it was a lot of meat and not a lot of vegetables, and they didn't give you silverware so that you could eat medieval style. And we also had very typical medieval beverages, of course. I had a strawberry daiquiri. Robin had a pina colada, and Allison had a strawberry margarita. They even came in souvenir cups! I'm now using mine for water at work.

This was a super fun, super fantastic outing. Very weird and very recommended!

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At 6/18/2007 4:15 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

then i think you might super like the Magic Castle in LA. you get all dressed up and it's dinner and a series of shows all featuring magicians. they also have a ghost, Irma, who plays the piano and takes requests. i was doubtful of the whole thing but even Cap liked it.

At 6/18/2007 4:29 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Oh, that sounds really cool too! And in a castle, what could be better. Next time I come visit we'll have to go.

At 6/18/2007 5:39 PM, Anonymous amanda said...

I've been wanting to go to that. I'm jealous! When you come visit me, and we go to Disney, there are are bunch of different types of those places. I'm particularly excited to go to the pirate show. Interesed in a little swash-buckling with your fish and chips?

At 6/18/2007 5:42 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

YES, of course I am!!

At 6/18/2007 6:23 PM, Anonymous katie said...

Sounds like fun! I had a friend who was a performer at one of those. He was an assistant (I forget the terminology--a squire, perhaps?) and had dreams of becoming a knight. But at some point he realized that he came home with an awful lot of bruises, and maybe there were safer acting jobs out there. :)

At 6/20/2007 9:46 AM, Blogger Molly said...

I want to go to one! I am going to have to scour the internet and find one close to me. Also, the pirate show sounds like a blast, I hope you get to walk the plank!


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