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jeudi, juin 21, 2007

Where does the Time Go?

I'm leaving again on Sunday for Brussels. I've been home 2 weeks this time, and I feel like I've gotten nothing done! Well. I've seen a lot of my friends, which is great. I've been to the pool, I've cooked dinner at home, I've watched So You Think You Can Dance. I got some new summer work clothes and mailed some chocolates to my family. I went to the dentist and the dermatologist and the book store.

But I still feel like I've gotten nothing done. I've been out nearly every single night in this two week period, or had people at my house. Even tonight, I won't be home until around 8:30 since I'm getting my hair cut. (hooray. I've had to postpone the appointment 3 times!) My apartment is a total disaster area, even with having company over for dinner on Tuesday. I haven't cleaned out the pantry so there's groceries just hanging out on the kitchen floor. I forgot to give Kate her birthday present. I haven't really done laundry in a month. I haven't returned phone calls from last week. I haven't even had time to work on my knitting or watch much of anything I have saved on the DVR. (there's stuff on there from April. April. We're closer to July than April!)

Anyone have time management suggestions? I think I need them. Or, barring that, the phone number of a cleaning person in Washington? I think I'm going to have to give up on the cleaning and just pay someone to do it. Or, has anyone figured out a way to live without sleep? That might work as well.

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At 6/21/2007 4:50 PM, Blogger Katia said...

I'm telling you, PAY FOR SOMEONE TO COME AND CLEAN FOR YOU. It has changed our lives. You will just feel SO much better when you get home and that is worth paying for.

At 6/21/2007 4:51 PM, Blogger Malady said...

Going again?! My goodness! When will this traveling slow down?

Did you get your ParTea swap package yet? I'd love to see pictures.

At 6/21/2007 5:13 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

I know, I know, you're right, Katia. I just need to find someone.

Malady, I have no idea. Probably not any time soon. yes, I got the package... I took a photo but I haven't had a chance to post it yet. Maybe tonight!


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