princess genevieve

mercredi, décembre 19, 2007

Unless you hate Baby Jesus...

Second Aimee Mann Christmas show last night. Her voice was better, but both Erika and I feel like she still didn't sing as much as last year's Christmas show. Ben Lee was the only one who changed up his routine from the night before. (Yay Ben.)

There is something awesome about a singer who is known for her depressing lyrics doing a Christmas variety show. I love it. Her voice (even when ill) and style lend a certain edge that's not normally present in Christmas music.

Aside from my birthday, Christmas is my favorite holiday, so it's not like I'm all bah! humbug! I just really like the somewhat darker tone in her Christmas music style.

Adorable kid at the show? UNcheck. There was a fairly loud and obnoxious kid behind us last night. He also got tired, though, and fell asleep in his mom's lap.

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