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mercredi, décembre 17, 2008

Gold Coast

The last day of my vacation in Australia, we went to the Gold Coast. It was Schoolies week, which is pretty much what we called Beach Week growing up, except for the whole country, not just for the kids from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Basically, any 18 year old who had just graduated high school was on the beach at the Gold Coast. And they can legally drink! And they were sunburnt!

This is the Gold Coast. Michael noted that mostly, we saw girls on the beach. I think the boys were still sleeping off the hangovers, or, watching weird sports like cricket and drinking more beer.

Note the high rises. I did not really find this to be an attractive beach.

Me at Surfer's Paradise. The orange signs are all for Schoolies... they say stuff like "be safe, watch your mates."

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