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mardi, septembre 08, 2009

Flight Home

I went to New Orleans this weekend to see my family. It was a great trip - we went to the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Sunday with my aunt, uncle, and cousin Rick, because I wanted to try this barbecue place, The Shed, that I had seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Luckily it was good, otherwise I would have felt terrible making 5 other people drive 2 hours for me!

Anyway, I flew back to Washington this morning at 6 am. I was trying to sleep, but the guy across the aisle from me kept snoring.

Maybe I should start traveling with earplugs, but in case that doesn't work, any other suggestions?

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At 9/09/2009 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Maybe throw little bit of paper at said snorer until they shift and stop? Even if it didn't work, it might feel good to throw something at him/her. :)


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