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mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

I Voted

When I went to vote last night, there was a bit of an issue with me and the poll lady over my name. First, she couldn't find my last name on the list. Then, she asked me for my first name.

me: Genevieve
poll lady: Don't you mean Lynn?
me: um. Yeah, Genevieve Lynn. (aside: this really is my name; it's not like I was making it up.)
her: OK, Lynn.

Then she handed me a little card that I was to take to the next poll lady to get my ballot, and told me to print my name on it. I wrote Lynn on there, too, even though normally at most I would put an "L," just in case. But I think my vote counted!

Of course, in all the hullabaloo over Congress, I haven't even heard any news on who won our elections. I'm assuming my guys did, though.

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At 11/08/2006 6:37 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

:-) We've got a state election in Victoria coming up at the end of November and a few months ago we got sent voter ID cards (which are a new thing). The cards say that we can still vote without them, but that it may take longer....
Funny though that she just asked for your first name and then wanted both names - in that case I would have asked for your given names, or your full name.

At 11/08/2006 10:59 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

yeah, I think she was confused... almost like she thought Lynn was my first name, not my middle name!

We've got voter ID cards but I don't even know where mine is... we don't have to show any ID to vote.


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