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mercredi, février 28, 2007

Post Office?

Last night, I went to the movies with my friend Rachael and her friend Michelle. After the movie, Michelle and I were walking towards the bus stop, when this guy stops us and asks us where the post office is.

We both kind of looked at him like he was crazy. I mean, it was after 9. I don't think the post office is even open past 6 or so.

So I said, "Oh, do you mean the Post Office Pavilion?" (that's a sort of weird tourist attraction we've got, with a food court inside and I guess a view of the city. Tourists are always stopping me and asking me how to get there.)

He said, "NO! The POST OFFICE. You know? It's kind of a short little building."

Um, OK. I think I've heard better descriptions of the post office before, like, maybe, "the place where you can buy stamps," but whatever. I told him how to get there. He said thanks and zipped off.

Also? The Post Office Pavilion and the real post office are right across the street from each other. If it turns out he wasn't trying to get a passport or mail a package after all, I still sent him in the right place.

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At 2/28/2007 4:55 PM, Blogger Malady said...

Love his description. That really made me laugh.

At 2/28/2007 9:30 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

ummm - if he knew it was a "short little building" then surely he would have been there before.
Post Offices don't seem to have as much prestige as they used to. They get relegated to short little buildings while the beautiful old GPO building here in Melbourne is now home to a collection of swanky international type up-market boutiques.

At 3/01/2007 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Movie Review please...

At 3/01/2007 10:27 AM, Blogger mrsmogul said...

Thanks for my bday wishes. Whew at least he didn;t go postal!!

At 3/01/2007 10:40 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

M, yeah, it was pretty funny!

P, um, well, the problem is, in Washington, there are a lot of "short little buildings." We've got a height restriction on buildings so nothing's really over 12 stories.

Anon, ok, your wish is my command.

Mrs M, whew! I didn't even think of that. Hope you had a good birthday!


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