princess genevieve

mercredi, mars 21, 2007

Long Time, No Post!

Things here are keeping me busier than usual! And I won't be home until April 6, now. Yikes. That's a long time. Luckily for me, I have very good friends, who are willing to do things like collect my mail and go to the pharmacy for me to pick up prescriptions and then FedEx them to me.

It's cold and grey and rainy in Brussels. It even hailed when I went out to lunch today.

Yesterday, we were just sitting around, working, when all of a sudden, they told me to go up to the reception. So I did. And I looked out of our big window, onto the rue Royale, and there was the Grand Duke & Duchess of Luxembourg, doing some sort of wreath laying ceremony. Very cool.

Does anyone want a postcard? If so, email me! I've certainly got time for that.

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