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jeudi, mars 08, 2007


I heard back from Metro about my bus complaint email! I am SHOCKED. Here's what I got:

Dear [Princess Genevieve]:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about the problems that you experienced when a 42 Metrobus driver failed to stop for you. We realize that our customers expect reliable, courteous bus service, and we are sorry that this operator did not deliver that level of service.

The information you have provided will help us to identify the driver so that we can take proper action. The driver will be interviewed and re-instructed to service each bus stop along the route. Safe and courteous service is the responsibility of every employee, and Metro will not tolerate conduct that falls short of that standard.

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Thanks again for contacting us, and we hope your future travel experiences with Metro are positive ones.

Office of Customer Relations
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

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At 3/08/2007 7:09 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

I love the wording in apology letters. I used to work in the customer relations dept for a big supermarket chain and we had this enormous collection of standard letters for every conceivable complaint. A bit of tweaking here and there and off they went.

At 3/09/2007 1:09 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

I'm sure that's all they did here, too, but at least I got something back - honestly, it does somewhat pacify me.


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