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mardi, janvier 06, 2009

Catching up

It's been oh-so-busy chez la princesse, with no signs of letting up any time soon. Work is nuts, my life is nuts, my parents and sister and her husband are coming next week, my friend Ana arrives from Brussels tomorrow, and I was in New York over the weekend visiting another friend from Brussels who was working out of the New York office last week.

BUT! While I was home in Louisiana over Christmas, my parents and I went to Laura Plantation, pictured above. If you ever find yourself with half a day to kill near New Orleans or Baton Rouge, I would highly recommend this tour. The guide was very informative, and the house and grounds are lovely. They didn't gloss over the bad parts, either. Click here for more photos of Laura Plantation.

Also? You will never guess, but I have actually finished knitting stuff! Click here to see those photos.

And stay tuned for New York photos, and Secret Pal updates!

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At 1/07/2009 1:26 PM, Anonymous Meghan J. said...

Thanks for the plantation tip. I have some friends going to N.O. for a conference soon, and the wife is looking for ideas for things to do.


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