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vendredi, octobre 02, 2009


Monday afternoon, my friend Jayne called and said her friends Amy and Heath were going to the U2 concert on Tuesday, and they had two extra tickets, so did I want to go too?

Well, Tuesday nights I go to yoga, but it did not take me long to decide I could skip it this week. So off we went.

The seats were on the club level of the stadium, pretty much dead on view of the front of the stage, as you can see. The concert was great! I'm not the world's biggest U2 fan by any stretch of the imagination, but they played a lot of songs I knew, so that was fun.

That spaceship looking thing around the stage was, um, a spaceship, according to Bono. It changed colors and had lights on it that were pretty cool after dark.

Thanks, Jayne and Amy and Heath for inviting me!

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At 10/02/2009 5:32 PM, Blogger trashalou said...

U2 were my teenage music - I am envious. Glad you enjoyed it.

At 10/03/2009 4:30 AM, Blogger Paisley said...

v. jealous!


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