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vendredi, février 24, 2006

Meme Time

Ripped from Paisley 'cause it's kind of more interesting than a regular meme, and plus, I got nothing to write about today.

Movies you need to watch in order to understand me better
Garden State
Love Actually
The Princess Bride
National Velvet
The Little Princess (the Shirley Temple version)
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Princess Diaries

TV Shows You Need to (Have) Watch(ed) To Understand Me Better
Amazing Race
Gilmore Girls
Little House on the Prairie

Albums you need to listen to in order to understand me better
Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm, I'm With Stupid, Bachelor No. 2
Ben Lee - Awake is the New Sleep
Ben Kweller - Sha Sha
soundtracks to numerous plays. Let's start with Pippin and Wicked.
NKOTB - Hanging Tough (sadly...)
Indigo Girls - Rites of Passage

Books you need to read in order to understand me better
Laura Ingalls Wilder - all the Little House books, especially Little Town on the Prairie
JK Rowling - all the Harry Potter books
LM Montgomery - the Anne of Green Gables books
CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia
EL Konigsburg - a Proud Taste for Scarlet & Miniver
Daniel Keys - the Minds of Billy Milligan
Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones's Diary
Noel Streatfeild - the Shoe books, especially Skating Shoes and Tennis Shoes

Games You Need To Play To Understand Me Better
Trivial Pursuit

Plays/Musicals you need to watch in order to understand me better
Phantom of the Opera
Fiddler on the Roof
Waiting for Godot

Places you need to visit in order to understand me better
New Orleans
Washington, DC and the Maryland suburbs
San Antonio, TX

Comestibles and libations of which you need to partake in order to understand me better
red beans & rice
King cake
Nutella crepes
Abita Turbodog
boiled crawfish
steamed crabs with Old Bay
a shrimp or roast beef poboy
Taco Cabana's bean & cheese burrito
vodka tonic


At 2/26/2006 7:06 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

I think my favourite Laura book was Little House in the Big Woods - I loved all the descriptions of putting provisions away for winter, and the sugar snow chapter.

At 2/27/2006 8:58 AM, Blogger Amie said...

Great lists! NKOTB...I got a kick out of that. I forgot about them.

At 2/27/2006 9:56 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Paisley, I liked Big Woods too. Actually, the only one I didn't *love* was the Long Winter. I think I liked little town best because they were a bit older.

Amie, I wish I could forget about NKOTB!!


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