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samedi, janvier 24, 2009

Is there some kind of award?

For World's Worst Blogger? If so, then I think I win!

It's been so insanely busy around these parts, with working until 9 or 10 every night, and on the weekends as well. I'm at work right now, in fact. Though I am planning to leave at 2 to meet Alison to see Bride Wars. Which I am sure will not be good, but I don't care. It looks mindless, and mindless is good these days.

Last weekend, a blind fell off my bedroom window. I bought new ones, but I didn't manage to hang even one until last night. But as I was standing on a chair, drilling holes into the wall at 10:15 pm, I realized it might perhaps not be that polite to my neighbors to be drilling that late. So I finished hanging the one over the bare window with a screwdriver and brute force, but I still have three more to hang.

I did, however, get to go to the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, thanks to a. my friend Nicole, who had an extra ticket, and b. a special holiday from work. I'll try to post photos soon.

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At 1/24/2009 2:02 PM, Blogger trashalou said...

OMG! You went and stood there and watched? I am in awe :-)

At 1/24/2009 6:46 PM, Blogger Brena said...

You're not the worst blogger. :) I have sympathy for the overworked because I'm pretty sure that'll be me in the summer!

And how cool that you got to go the Inauguration!!!!!


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