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mercredi, décembre 20, 2006

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter B

Nabbalicious did a meme yesterday where she listed ten things she loved starting with a particular letter. I asked her for a letter, too, and I got B. If you want to play, too, leave me a comment & I'll be glad to give you a letter.

Baldy is my favorite stuffed animal. He's a dog, dressed like a train conductor. I've had him since I was a baby. He no longer looks like a train conductor, nor does he have fur anymore. (Hence, my parents named him Baldy) I plucked it all out when I was little. If you've been to my house, you've met Baldy.

Bananas are good, but only the green ones, and not banana flavored stuff. Hum. So more accurately, I love green, slightly crunchy bananas, but I think that still counts as a b.

Braff, Zach is hilarious. And cute. And one of my favorite movies evah is Garden State.

Ben Lee. Well, anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I love Ben Lee. (Just count the number of posts where I mention going to a Ben Lee show, for a starter...)

Bruges, Belgium (does that count as two?). It's adorable. Possibly the cutest city in Europe. I also love that you're supposed to eat mussels in Belgium. I love mussels.

Books. I have always loved books. When I was little I even used to take them to bed with me. (and the mail. I mean, you never know when you might get bored and want to read junk mail. Even if you can't read yet.) I'm a fast reader and I generally get through at least a couple books a week.

(the) Beach, specifically, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I love going to the beach, sitting on the sand, reading a book, napping, swimming, eating Grotto's pizza, which is actually pretty bad, or stopping for fried chicken just before the Bay Bridge on the way home. Of course, being the fair skinned princess that I am, I generally spend my time under the umbrella, lathered in SPF 45.

barney's, yeah, the store. I've never actually bought anything in there, because I can't afford to, but I do love looking at pretty pretty marc jacobs dresses.

Barney, the character on How I Met Your Mother, not the big purple dinosaur. Neil Patrick Harris makes this show. Barney is hilarious.

blowfish, not Hootie and the, but rather, the actual fish. My cousin does this awesome imitation of a blowfish. Ask me to try it for you sometime. I'm not as good, but you'll still be amused.

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At 12/20/2006 6:46 PM, Anonymous nabbalicious said...

Yay, Ben Lee! I wasn't even thinking of him when I gave you B. That worked out well! :)

At 12/21/2006 10:13 AM, Blogger Molly said...

Ooh this sounds like fun. I'll take a letter (*fingers crossed* please don't be X!)

At 12/21/2006 10:21 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Molly, how about T?

At 12/21/2006 3:17 PM, Blogger Molly said...

I can work with that!


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