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dimanche, mai 06, 2007

Weekend in Paris

And silly me, I forgot to use my camera the entire time!

I met up with the delightful Katia for lunch. She took me to a place near her office that was delicious - we both had gigantic salads, which is something I can't really find in Brussels. And of course, some wine. And then we went shopping! We went to Le Bon Marche and pretended we were rich. We went to Genevieve Lethu where I bought a way-overdue wedding present. We bought some tea for Molly. (Sadly, we could not afford tea picked by monkeys but we both wanted it!)

Then we met up with Kyliemac, and we went to the Orangerie. Where we saw this. Beautiful. I'd seen it before, about 12 years ago, and I remembered it being huge and lovely and all that, but it's amazing how great they really are. (and thanks to Katia for the photos - she at least thought to take some!)

THEN, we all trapsed over to Katia's house, where we found live crabs waiting for us in the sink. Katia's husband, the Muffin Man, cooked us crab and shrimp pasta, and we did something else. Something I'd rather unveil all at once, so you'll just have to wait a bit to find out about that.

Today I was on my own - I got up, ate pain au chocolat, walked through a Sunday market, went to the Cluny Museum (Musee du Moyen Age - Middle Ages Museum), ate crepes, and got on a train to come back to Brussels.

Yay! Thank you so much, Katia and Kyliemac. I had a super (su-PER) fantastic weekend and I am so glad I got to hang out with you both!

Next weekend... off to England. Reuss, can we do fun stuff like this?

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At 5/06/2007 2:53 PM, Blogger Malady said...

I want tea picked by monkeys!!!!

At 5/06/2007 9:19 PM, Blogger Paisley said...

I hope those monkeys wash their hands first!
Sounds like you had a lovely w/end in gay Paree - I'm v. jealous!

At 5/06/2007 9:43 PM, Blogger DDK23 said...

I think I have been to the Cluny Museum...that is the one with the tapestries....well I am sure a lot of them have them. But they have a room with 6, but they were red....there was also a gigantic tub there, but I forgot what that was for.

At 5/07/2007 1:55 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Malady, me too!

Paisley, good point!!

ddk, yes, that is the one with the tapestries... I think it is exactly the one you are thinking of. The lady & the unicorn tapestries? The tub I think was part of the Roman baths that used to be at that site, probably.

At 5/07/2007 2:02 PM, Blogger Jasclo said...

Sheesh girl! I haven't had time to check other blogs lately, but every time I check yours, you've been to another different country! Can I have your frequent flier miles? :)

At 5/08/2007 6:01 AM, Blogger Reuss said...

Oh dear, I feel like I have a lot to live up to!

At 5/08/2007 6:11 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

Jasclo, work trips! but weekends free, so it's easy to get around.

Reuss, I am sure I will have a great time with you!!


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